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Lincoln Conference 2008

June 25 to June 28

Lewis L. Neilson, Jr., Chancellor, went to Lincoln England for the first Magna Carta Conference  held by the University of Lincoln and Lincoln Cathedral. It was an outstanding Conference and considerable video was taken to preserve the creativity expressed at the Conference. While the video is highly compressed, the use of Silverlight enhances the quality and the audio is outstanding. As technology improves it may be possible to provide even better quality in the future.

We welcome comments and suggestions. We offered to include a page or pages including comments or observations from the participants, limited by the qualification that they would have been appropriate for one of the sessions.

It may take some time to include all of the presentations which were filmed, however, we will add them as they are completed.

We have included the Programme for the Conference in Black & White and Grayscale  We have also included the Invitation for the Evensong and Conferment as well as the Programme.

This Video may require the installation of Silverlight which is a free download from Microsoft. You should be prompted when you try to link to the Video.

If you look at one video clip I recommend the acknowledgements by Professor David Chiddick, Vice Chancellor of University of Lincoln , at the dinner on Thursday evening. He very effectively captures the exciting and dynamic Conference. Link

Ted Neilson thanked Dean Buckler and Wayne Valis link.Dean Buckler welcomed visitors to Lincoln Cathedral.Link

Two Democratic Cultures - the US and UK

The Programme began on Wednesday 6/25/08 with a welcome by Professor David Chiddick, Vice Chancellor of Lincoln University, and introduction by Rev. Canon Professor Mike West, Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral, link, followed by a short movie. Professor Brian Winston introduced Reg Weaver, President of the National Education Association  LinkToTalk  with a response from Wayne Valis, of Valis Associates, Washington. LinkToResponse.Both Wayne Valis and Reg Weaver responded to questions.LinkToQuestions.

Reg Weaver received an Honorary Doctorate of Education

We have included portions of the Evensong and Conferment. Link to Service.

Rights and Responsibilities: Can rights be conditional?

Dr. Liam Fox MP, Shadow Defense Secretary 6-26-08. Link To Talk. Followed by Questions and Answers.

Civic Dinner at the University of Lincoln

Wayne Valis spoke at the dinner on 6-26-08. Link To Talk.

Faith versus Democracy

Rev. Canon Professor Mike West, Chancellor of Lincoln Cathedral spoke the morning of 6-27-08. Link To TalkFollowed by Questions and Answers.

Business and Democrary


Dame Pauline Green, Chief Executive and Secretary, Cooperatives UK.Link

Democracy and Human Rights

Tony Benn Presentation 6-27-08 Link To Talk - Note that there some comments at the beginning by Professor Winston which will provide some additional information concerning the Conference. Followed by Questions and Answers.

NOTE:  To conserve video tape I alternated cameras and there are a few transitions which resulted in a few missed words. This was not an attempt to edit the content.

Also the video was encoded to balance quality of video with the size of the file. We hope that as the cost of internet storage decreases that we can recode the presentations at a much higher quality. The audio is still excellent.

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