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Electronic Newsletter, February 2000




I am delighted to report that our Society is doing extremely well and to present our third Electronic Newsletter. Please visit our WebSite  News Page and Table of Contents. Please E-mail us using the Feedback Page.

This is a short E-Newsletter to provide information about our Washington luncheon and to provide the new dates for our June Tour.

Our E-mail list is made up of who have send us E-mail, to members and friends of the Society who have responded to our Newsletter request for E-mail addresses and others who we believe might be interested in our Society or mission. If you would prefer not to receive future Electronic Newsletters, however, please let us know. If you have friends who you believe might be interested in our Society, please forward this E-mail. If you have received this as a forwarded email, please visit our WebSite at for more information about our Society. You may also contact our Society Office at 215-836-5022 between the hours of 9:30am and 3:00pm.

Our Washington DC luncheon is scheduled for Monday, April 17, 2000 at the Mayflower Hotel. Our speaker this year is Mr. Oliver St. C. Franklin, Honorary British Consul in Philadelphia. We are planning to send invitations shortly and if you are interested in attending the luncheon please send us an E-mail with your current address. The cost is $50.00 per person.

The dates for our June 2000 Educational Tour have been changed to June 16, 2000 - June 26, 2000. The July dates remain the same. The programs for each are included on our WebSite. Terms and Conditions may be requested from our Society Office (215-836-5022). If you might be interested in the June Tour please act promptly as there is a March 31 deadline for for requesting letters of entrance for the June Race Meeting at Royal Ascot. Last year, however, only those who made requests prior to the first week in March received letters of entrance.

Our Educational Tour Program has provided education concerning Magna Charta and its history, including visits to culturally and historically significant sites in Great Britain, particularly in England. We have had many enthusiastic participants and encourage each of you to participate this year.

Every member of our Society should have received our Fall Newsletter. After our initial mailing, we have remailed Newsletters which were returned and we could find a new address. If you are a member and have not received your Fall Newsletter, please either send an E-mail or call the Society office.

As mentioned in a prior E-Newsletter, membership continues to be of vital importance to our Society. If you wish to speed up or facilitate the membership process, please include with the Proposal Form a well documented lineage (including copies of the documentation) to either a known ancestor or to one of the qualifying Barons. If you have sent lineage information without the copies you may also speed up the process by sending copies of the documentation. Lineage Forms are provided on the WebSite.

I am planning to attend the Texas Parliament in Austin this weekend and the Louisiana Meeting in Baton Rouge next weekend; I look forward to seeing many of our members at those meetings.

I hope that each of you are well. Do not hesitate to call me with questions or suggestions.

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